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Alter-ego: Rosie Conde

Occupation: Bilingual Family School Liaison

School: Golfview Elementary

Origin Story: Born in Mexico, Rosie grew up playing on the banks of the river outside her village. From the time she was little, Rosie saw and heard the world differently than everyone else, and when she listened closely, she could even hear things that none of her friends could. One afternoon on her way home, Rosie caught a glimpse of a beautiful stone partially submerged in the shallow water of the river. While her friends saw only an ordinary stone, Rosie saw something incredible. As her fingers touched the stone, she saw a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors and amazing sounds. From that day forward, Rosie took the stone wherever she went. One day on her way to school, Rosie heard her mother call to her, but she was nowhere to be seen. In an instant, Rosie felt as though she was leaving her body. Suddenly, she could see each of her family members clearly despite their physical distance from her. In that moment, Rosie recalled the story her abuelo used to tell of the ancient vision stones. These mystical stones contained the power of sight and sound, and transferred it to anyone who possessed them. Awed by the power of the stone and humbled by the responsibility, Rosie vowed to master this all-seeing vision and to always watch over those in need.

Special Abilities: After finding and absorbing the power of a mystical vision stone, Rosie has the gift of all-seeing vision. Using this power, Rosie can separate from her body and travel the astral plane, seeing and hearing everything in the universe. After just one encounter with an individual, Rosie forms a clairvoyant connection to that person, allowing her to experience the world through their eyes and ears. This connection allows her to see beyond the physical, to the heart of an individual. Using the collective connection of everyone in the world, Rosie has the ability to understand any language and decode any secure or encrypted transmission.

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