The Educators

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Alter-ego: Heidi Weeks

Occupation: Principal

School: F.E. Peacock Middle School

Origin Story: As a middle school principal, Heidi has a demanding schedule, but she always finds time to engage with her students by taking them on monthly field trips to interesting places. Several years ago, on a trip to the University of Chicago’s Yerkes Observatory, Heidi was almost as thrilled as her students when her turn came to peer into the telescope. As Heidi looked into space, a cosmic storm erupted in a series of amazing colors. Fascinated, she watched as the colors appeared to come straight toward her. In that instant, Heidi felt a massive wave of power wash over her and collect in her brain. In an instant, she could hear everything around her with incredible clarity: each conversation, every question. Almost simultaneously, she could predict how the sentences would complete and what the answers to the questions would be. The information was overwhelming, but within minutes, Heidi started to process the massive volume of content and catalog it within her brain. After the trip, Heidi’s brain grew more powerful every day; problems that used to be complex were now simple to solve. Over the next few years, Heidi learned to control her massive brain power and ultimately find her true calling as a member of The Educators.

Special Abilities: After witnessing an incredibly rare cosmic storm, Heidi’s brain chemistry was changed, giving her powers of super intelligence and reasoning. Heidi has the ability to reason through incredibly challenging problems and process large volumes of complex information, rendering quick decisions that are almost always accurate. The increased power of her brain allows her to generate massive bursts of energy and to disrupt objects in the physical world. Her intellect is so advanced that she can manipulate space and time with her mind, making her a critical member of The Educators.

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