Captain Inspire

Captain Inspire Picture Captain Inspire Picture

Captain Inspire

Alter-ego: Joe Dombrowski, A.K.A. Mr. D

Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

School: Hale Elementary

Special Abilities: Joe has the ability to tap into the limitless power of his mind. His cerebral powers easily make him one of the most powerful members of The Educators. Joe's talents include the telepathic ability to move people and objects with only the power of his mind, as well as incredible powers of mental persuasion, which he always uses to advance the cause of education. Joe's years as a teacher have trained him in the art of inspiring others to think, and he never misses an opportunity to use a battle or challenge to find a teaching moment for those around him.

Origin Story: Joe was exposed to powerful ultra-rays during a chance encounter with the mythical creature Gürrr. Although everyone assumed the encounter was a figment of Joe's childhood imagination, the very real dose of ultra-rays changed the structure of his human brain and gave him incredible cerebral powers. After years of learning to control his abilities, Joe was again launched into the spotlight when he used his amazing powers of creativity to produce an April Fools video of a mock spelling test for his students. The video garnered national attention and resulted in an invitation to appear on a popular talk show. It didn't take long for The Educators to identify his special abilities and recruit him to lead the team.

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