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Dr. Dewey

Alter-ego: Scott Lippoldt

Occupation: Media Teacher

School: Mackensen Elementary School - Kolb Elementary School

Origin Story: For Scott, being a media teacher allowed him to combine two of his passions – books and technology. He was always looking for better ways to integrate both for his students. During a project to digitize all the books in the library, Scott was working late into the evening when a thunderstorm moved into the area. Hurrying to turn off the computer, he was about to click “shutdown” when a bolt of lightning hit the library. Momentarily blinded, Scott felt the massive surge of electricity as it flowed through the computer’s circuits directly into his body. The deafening crack became a dull buzzing sound. As Scott shook his head, the buzzing roared, and the sound became words and images. Scott could instantly see vast amounts of information in his mind, more information than a human mind was capable of storing. Unsure of what had just happened, Scott waited, taking a mental inventory. Although he still felt like himself, he knew everything had changed. Over the next few years, Scott would continue to discover ways that electric shock had altered him, but on that night, he knew one thing for certain. He felt like a supercomputer, like an extension of the Internet.

Special Abilities: As a result of a massive shock of electricity while digitizing library books, Scott’s brain is the human equivalent of the Internet. He can access virtually any information instantaneously; one simply has to ask a question. Scott’s mind is not limited by the information downloaded at the moment of the surge, however, because he can transform into pure data and enter the information highway through any computer, allowing him to move through data systems, telephone, cable and satellite communication systems. Scott can also act as a human switchboard, giving his team members the ability to communicate telepathically using his brain as the central connection.

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