The Educators

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Alter-ego: Sharlotte Green

Occupation: Bus Driver

School: Herig Elementary School

Origin Story: As a bus driver for exceptional students, Sharlotte Green has always worked to be exceptional herself. Always punctual, Sharlotte knew her daily route perfectly. One day, as she was en route to her first pick-up, a broken water main forced an emergency detour. Sharlotte, a master of direction and mapping, found an alternate route that used a little-known service road. As Sharlotte made the turn onto the shortcut, a shooting star crashed to Earth, cratering the road in front of her. Sharlotte attempted to back up, but it was too late. The entire area was blanketed in stardust. Awash in the cosmic dust, Sharlotte was able to see everywhere the meteor had been as if she had been there herself. As Sharlotte began to drift away into space, she closed her eyes and thought of her first pick-up location and the child that would be waiting there for her to arrive. Instantly, she and her bus were securely transported to that spot. It took years for Sharlotte to understand what happened that day.

Special Abilities: Thanks to a bath of cosmic stardust, Sharlotte has the ability to see every corner of the universe and safely teleport herself from one location to another. She simply closes her eyes and imagines the new destination, and within an instant, she is transported there. In addition, the magical particles from the star gave Sharlotte’s muscles an upgrade. In a flash, she can traverse short distances using her super speed. And long distances are no trouble, either. When a person or object is in need of safe passage, Sharlotte simply opens a portal by drawing a circle in the air with her hands, and the person or object can safely advance through the portal to their destination, no matter the size of the object. These amazing abilities allow Sharlotte to safely move precious cargo from one destination to another, a skill of high importance to The Educators.

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