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Alter-ego: Kymberli Wregglesworth

Occupation: Teacher

School: Onaway High School

Origin Story: While teaching in India during college, Kymberli met and befriended an old Hindu shopkeeper. They would sit for hours as he told fascinating stories about people, places and things. Kymberli wondered how this simple man could know so much about the world. After many visits with the shopkeeper, Kymberli informed him that her assignment was over, and she was returning to America. Moved by their connection, the shopkeeper presented her with a gift. He described it as a magical box that contained the secrets of the universe. But the secrets of the box could only be unlocked if she solved its magical puzzle. Kymberli smiled and thanked the old man, not realizing what she had in her possession. After returning to the U.S. and her normal life, Kymberli quickly forgot about the simple-looking trinket and never even attempted to open it and solve the riddle. One day, many years later, while preparing a lesson plan about using history to solve the complex problems of today, Kymberli remembered the box. She thought it would be fun to share it with her students and see if they could help her solve the puzzle. After many tries, it became clear that the class was unable to process the complex puzzle that the box presented, so Kymberli thought she would give it a try. Kymberli read the inscription on the bottom of the box and immediately remembered the teachings of the old man. With almost no effort, she solved the puzzle and opened the box. As it opened, Kymberli was engulfed in the ancient energies of the universe, which enhanced her reasoning and powers of deduction. Kymberli now possessed the powers of The Q, an ancient artifact that would allow her to unravel the most perplexing problems of the world with ease.

Special Abilities: Kymberli possesses an ancient artifact called The Q. This magical gadget gives her the ability to solve the most complex problems by tapping into the knowledge of the universe. The magical device also allows her to manipulate time, slowing it down so she can find answers and formulate detailed plans. At its most powerful, The Q provides Kymberli with the ability to move between alternate universes, manipulating the rules of space and time.

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