Lady Salisbury

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Lady Salisbury

Alter-ego: April Blackburn

Occupation: District Food Service Director

School: American Montessori Academy

Origin Story: As the District Food Service Director for two school locations, April was always raising the bar and experimenting with new and healthy food combinations for her students. In an attempt to create the perfect school lunch, April visited the furthest corners of the food universe. In her travels, she uncovered herbs from Asia, spices from Africa and proteins from throughout North America. But April believed that the secret to unlocking the true power of food was still beyond her reach. One day, a mysterious stranger visited April with a new type of flax seed that she had never seen before. The seeds packed amazing nutritional value and tasted like nothing she had ever experienced. Once April realized that the seeds were from another planet, though, it was too late. She had already ingested them, and her transformation had begun. In a matter of days, April’s cells were upgraded to hold five times the normal amount of cellular energy, and when they reached capacity, the additional energy would spill out of her body to empower those around her.

Special Abilities: With only a small amount of healthy foods each day, April’s super charged cells are overflowing with energy. This energy permeates every fiber of her being, radiating out to all of those around her. With a powerful clap of her hands, April can release a massive blast of energy that empowers the people she chooses. April has been known to power-up an entire school cafeteria with an energy blast that impacts students’ attitudes and actions, causing spontaneous reactions such as happiness and even dancing. In addition, April has developed the ability to keenly sense when those around her are low on energy. A simple wave of the hand in the direction of another team member can send a life-infusing stream of energy directly to their core. April’s abilities seem to amplify the powers of the other heroes around her, focusing their powers and taking them to a whole different level.

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