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Alter-ego: Felecity Treptow

Occupation: Teacher

School: D.C. Everest Area School District

Origin Story: As a teacher in a district technology integration specialist role, Felecity touches every technology initiative in her district. As such, she agreed to participate in an experimental artificial intelligence project focused on integrating new technologies with human tissues. Always the pioneer, Felecity volunteered to have her mind mapped using sophisticated nano-neurites that would be injected into her body. These micro-robots would operate at the cellular level to map Felecity’s mind from the inside. In a freak turn of events, a solar storm on the surface of the sun caused disruptions in the researcher’s communication with the nano-neurites. Without direction, the neurites fused themselves to the neuro receptors in Felecity’s brain, enhancing her synapses and the speed and power with which they fire. This intense neural activity now produces intense bursts of energy that Felecity is able to harness and direct through various parts of her body. Armed with an unsurpassed understanding of tech and her new-found abilities, Felecity can illuminate areas of darkness, both with her powers and her mind.

Special Abilities: Powered by the sun, the nano-neurites embedded in Felecity’s brain store up extra energy from her synapses, turning her into a human battery. Felecity’s power can be used to jumpstart both technology and people. A quick touch from Felecity can bring any machine to life and allow her complete control over the technology. When it comes to the people around her, Felecity’s flash of inspiration can enhance the performance of anyone she interacts with. With a snap of her fingers, Felecity can deploy a burst of energy that jolts the mind of anyone close enough to catch the spark. The recipients are then able to share Felecity’s intellect and energy for a few moments. Her amazing powers don’t stop there, as she can also harness large bursts of her stored up energy in defense of the institution of education and all of those that rely on it.

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