Professor Literati

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Professor Literati

Alter-ego: Becky Cooper

Occupation: Professor

School: Western Michigan University, Academically Talented Youth Program

Special Abilities: Becky’s powers are only limited by her imagination and her ability to articulate them in words. Her special abilities become active when she writes them down on a piece of paper, and they only remain active for a limited amount of time. This skill allows Becky to possess virtually any super power imaginable, but it also creates some interesting challenges, as she never knows how long each individual power will last. Super human strength, impenetrable skin, the ability to fly, Becky can do it all, but only for a fixed amount of time and only if she has access to a pen and paper. Her inexhaustible abilities make her one of the most powerful members of The Educators, yet she is, at the same time, uniquely human.

Origin Story: As Becky was working on a series of short stories, she fell ill with a mysterious sickness. She signed up for an experimental treatment that exposed her to a large dose of high-frequency energy, and through an amazing twist of fate, Becky’s imagination and literary abilities were fused together. This mutation of her DNA allowed her to manifest any powers or abilities that she could imagine and then write down on paper. After years of learning to control her abilities, Becky has literally used the power of her words to change the world and empower countless minds. She is real-world proof that the pen can be far mightier than the sword.

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